Our Time Now: the Connected Artist

MSL will work with a team from the Fawcett Society alongside a new Fawcett campaign, Our Time Now, intended to bring more women into public life, notably from under-represented sectors. Following the highly successful Liverpool launch in July the campaign will be launched consecutively in other regions: Birmingham (October) and Manchester (November), continuing into 2019.
Fawcett Society funding enabled MSL to pilot the partnership in early July and the Connected Artist will provide MSL with a template for the engagement of artists with other initiatives. It will point up an aspect of the original Suffrage campaigns where art, used to promote women’s suffrage, incidentally provided artists with platforms otherwise denied them.
Building on recent research by Elizabeth Crawford, MSL researcher Julie Gidlow and the artists will work alongside the Fawcett Society, to align themes from past to present, informing the work of the artists and giving the Fawcett campaign a contemporary resonance.

Here are some photos of the workshop held in Liverpool.