Watch This…

Photo of Drums of the 1st Battalion, The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Dover, July 1914

Working with ‘A Vision’ we developed two apps, each multi-layered and highly detailed, to tell the story of how Dover prepared for war during its ‘Long Weekend’ in 1914.  Using archives and artefacts we brought to life the stories of real people such as Drummer Ford, seen here.

Below are some of the results from Our Past, Our Future programme.

Our Past, Our Future

Eviction: Ruth Chapman’s story

The Alley Caves

America Ground is….

Trapped between the Forest and the Sea

Looking for America Ground

Ground Control

Alan Turing in Hastings

Walking the America Ground

Death at the Museum

The Anniversay Edition

Professor Day’s Hastings Puppet Theatre

The Changing Shore

All the way from Punjab

The Bell

Henry Hudson’s Tale

The series of Salons for the Dot Dash programme, held from May to July 2020.


Rock Fair & the Carnivalesque

Song & Dance at the Fairs

Imagine this… (re)opening hours

A Derelict Chorale

Sonic Lockdown

The Great Storm of 1864