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Step 6-Adding a Purple ‘Call To Action’ (CTA)

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Enable the Visual Builder

Click on the green ‘plus’ icon to add a new row below your last bit of content.

Click on Add from Library

Select the Purple CTA content block

You will then see the purple CTA appear on the web page-click on the cog icon to edit the setting.

You can edit the CTA Title and button label.

If you scroll down a bit in the CTA editor you will see a section where you can add or edit the body text of the CTA

If you scroll down a bit further you will see the link section-click on the arrow to expand this section.

You can now paste in the URL for the link and also choose whether or not the link opens up in the same window or a new tab.

Click on the green tick button to confirm your selections.

Saving Your Content Addition

Click on the Green Save Icon at the bottom left of the screen

Please note: If you don’t immediately see the green save button at the bottom right of the screen then click on the purple circle icon at the bottom centre of the screen-this will the expand all the controls to reveal the save button.

Exiting The Visual Builder

After you have saved your work go up to the black admin bar at the top of the screen. Click on Exit Visual Builder.

This will return you to the normal web page view.