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Step 2-Adding a Photo Credit

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You may wish to add a photo  credit below the project banner image or below other photos or galleries that appear later in the project.

Navigate to the front end of the project page and Enable the Visual Builder

Click on the green ‘plus’ icon to add a new row of content.


Select Add From Library

Select the Photo Credit content block.

The default photo credit will appear below the banner image.

Hover your mouse near the photo credit and you will see a grey set of controls. Click on the cog icon to edit the settings.

You will see a text editor where you can add your text for the photo credit. Make your changes and then click on the green tick area at the bottom of the editor.

Saving Your Content Addition

Click on the Green Save Icon at the bottom left of the screen

Please note: If you don’t immediately see the green save button at the bottom right of the screen then click on the purple circle icon at the bottom centre of the screen-this will the expand all the controls to reveal the save button.

Exiting The Visual Builder

After you have saved your work go up to the black admin bar at the top of the screen. Click on Exit Visual Builder.

This will return you to the normal web page view.